Financial Services

We are a team of financial professionals with extensive experience in client coverage in the US and Latin America. We focus on selecting a few opportunities to match our client needs, coupled with top-of-the-line service and seamless execution.

Wealth Management

We help our clients reach their wealth management goals by understanding their investment objective, their respective tolerance for risk, and their liquidity needs. We combine these inputs with our investment process and finalize contrasting them with the prevailing market context.


Here is a list of some services provided within our platform:

  • General account management, including clearing and custody for institutional and individual clients.
  • A disciplined and methodical investment process
  • In depth product analysis and market scenarios construction for a range of investment strategies
  • Portfolio construction and account re-balancing.

Managed Accounts

We have access to investment advisory teams through our affiliates and our Clearing Firms that incorporate years of market experience in formulating and following strict investment strategies. We endeavor to meet each of our clients’ investment goals given their risk profile.

Mutual Funds

We provide investors with a full suite of investment vehicles through our broad access to a variety of mutual fund families, including both US domestic and offshore fund classes. The company has sub-distribution agreements with well-known Fund Families to distribute their domestic and offshore funds.

Financing solutions

In order to support and complete the execution of our different investment strategies, we are able to offer margin as well as non-purpose loans through the financing platform of our clearing firms.

Sales and Trading

Over the years our team has created and developed a full service trading platform across a number of fixed income and hybrid securities for a wide variety of Institutional and Wealth Management clients such as Independent Financial Advisors, Banks, Credit Unions, Pension Funds and Hedge Funds.

Global Equity

Our Global Equity advice and strategies hinge upon fundamental macro analysis, a deep understanding of market technicals, supply/demand imbalances and momentum. In addition, our Group’s presence in different markets allows us to identify local opportunities and present attractive cross-border investment ideas.

We are able to execute complex transactions and distribute them globally. We provide global trade execution in US & Emerging Market equities, Exchange traded funds, and ADR’s to Institutional and Corporate clients, as well as to other independent financial advisory firms and companies.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income resides deep in our history as a Global Markets team. That experience allows us to offer global distribution and transparency as we service each client’s needs. We provide an open platform that is able to focus on domestic and international markets. Our intellectual capital is a fundamental building block of that service, one relationship at a time.